"I had a trial lesson with Rebecca and am SO excited to work with her regularly. Rebecca has an incredible resume, personality and energy. I am coming back to singing after a long 3-year break and am so glad to be going through the process with her!"

- Elise (Adult Voice Studio, New York)

"Rebecca is an absolutely fantastic teacher, I'm learning so much and feel very encouraged! Not only is she able to teach technique but having the piano accompaniment elevates the learning experience and helps me to understand a song's emotion. It's also helpful to be taught by someone actively working in theater who has suggestions on how to take your skills outside the classroom. I recommend Rebecca to anyone and everyone, she is the best voice teacher I've ever had :)"

- Courtney (Adult Voice Student, New York)

"My daughter has taken voice lessons in the Boston area with Rebecca for the past three years. In that time, her vocal skills and her confidence in singing for an audience have grown exponentially. Rebecca also helped my daughter prepare for an interview and audition at a performing arts high school. She was instrumental in finding the right song to showcase my daughter’s abilities, as well as prepare her for the unexpected stresses of the audition and interview process. Rebecca is a professional instructor who challenges and nurtures her students to their higher potential. It has been a pleasure to work with her."

- Laura G (Parent of Voice Student, Watertown, MA)

"I am a 50 something year old woman who has always enjoyed singing. I found I had 2 issues with this, first is that I would often lose my voice because I have very strong vocals and second was that I didn’t always have confidence in my own ability. I feel so fortunate to have met Rebecca and was able to work with her for 2 years. Her warm personality and knowledge of her business was immediately apparent to me. I knew from our first lesson that I had found the person that was going to be able to bring me to the next level with my singing. Rebecca treats each student on an individual basis and really caters to your specific needs. She was able to help me reach notes I did not know were within me and always encouraged me to continue to work hard to get what I needed. She gave me the tools I needed to work on my own and was very mindful of what my desires in singing were. For me, I feel Rebecca went from teaching me, to coaching me, she brought me to a new level of really thinking about and understanding what music is all about. She is a wonderful musician, educator, and person. I will be forever grateful to her for encouraging me to pursue what I love."

- Lynne J (Voice Student, Watertown, MA)

"As a teacher, Rebecca maintains her compassionate and encouraging demeanor while simultaneously pushing her students past their comfort zones. She has helped me gain tremendous confidence in both my technique and my ability to tell a story through song. Because she has such a wealth of musical experience, studying with Rebecca means you never run out of new material to explore and new ways to increase your range as a performer."

- Kira P (Ithaca Summer Musical Theatre Intensive Graduate, Singer at Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY)

"Rebecca has been so much more than a piano teacher to my 9 and 5 year-old daughters! Anyone who gets to learn with her is truly fortunate.

- Amy C (Parent of Piano Students, Boston, MA)

"Rebecca is an amazing teacher who shows great versatility in teaching beginners and advanced students, young and the young-at-heart. Her kind, warm and friendly nature, along with her deep knowledge of music has been an asset to various music and theater companies she has been a teacher and director at."

- Samantha P (Music Director, Boston, MA)

If you are an adult and thinking about piano lessons, sign up with Rebecca. You won't regret it. (I'm 61) Rebecca thought me for three years at NEMPAC/Boston, MA. Her encouragement helped me play classical, pop, jazz and Christmas pieces in several recitals and the local retirement center. Put the piano in your living room and when you go by it, play!! Call her, have fun and you'll find your happiness!

- Lisa A (Piano Student, Boston, MA)

Rebecca is one of those truly gifted people who is not only talented but who can also teach. She taught my daughter both voice and piano for several years. In addition she also coached her for auditions. Those session where invaluable is creating a sense of confidence in my daughter going into the auditions. Rebecca is great with kids and makes them feel valued and talented. We miss her and are jealous of the lucky kids who get to learn from her now. I can't recommend her highly enough

 - Amy B (Parent of Voice Student, Boston, MA)

For some of us, opening our mouth to sing alone is one of the scariest things a person can do.  It makes us vulnerable, it invites judgment, it requires us to put our heart out into the world.  My teen daughter and I both studied voice with Rebecca and we could not have asked for a warmer guide in this challenging task.  Rebecca knows technique inside and out, and understands brilliantly how to teach it.  But just as importantly: she connects with her students on a genuine and personal level.  That is hugely helpful to vocal students."

- Erin D (Voice Student and Parent to Voice Student, Watertown, MA)

Since she started working with Rebecca, my daughter has really come into her own. She's always liked to sing and has always had a lovely voice, but Rebecca's guidance has helped her to understand technique, and how best to use her voice in different situations. We have seen such a dramatic difference in both her confidence and the quality of her voice, and she recently landed a lead role in a local children's theatre production. What I love is that Rebecca has worked with my daughter so that she maintained all of the unique qualities of her voice. She still sounds like herself, just better. Perhaps most importantly, Rebecca has been a trusted mentor and terrific role model for my pre-teen daughter. "

- Jenna B. (Parent of Voice Student, Boston, MA)

To make I could not have asked for a better experience than I had taking voice lessons with Rebecca for three consecutive years. With her help, I improved not only my voice but my confidence. When I started working with Rebecca my voice was barely trained and I had little control or knowledge over how I was using it. She worked with me week after week, giving me new songs that would test my limits and then show me techniques and strategies that would help my voice grow to the strength it would need for that song. I constantly found that a song would feel hard when she first gave it to me and then suddenly appear easier two or three weeks later because of how she was pushing me. It was Rebecca's genuine interest and faith in my voice that kept me going back to her for years, too. When I thought a note was too high to hit or a rhythm was impossible to figure out, she would gently insist that I would get it and then prove time and time again that I could. I owe my voice and my confidence to Rebecca and the incredible teacher, guide and role model that she is to her students.

- Shayna F. (Penn State, Musical Theatre, Watertown, MA)